Dry Cat Food

Evaluation And Comparison


I have developed this dry food evaluation method as a result of my personal studying of the materials found in the internet. I am not a scientist and have no formal knowledge in cat nutrition, cat food making and veterinary.
The method is based on 3 criteria:
  •  high amount of protein
  •  low amount of carbohydrates
  •  quality and source of ingredients.


Download file in Microsoft Word 2003 format


Last update: 15.12.2019

  • Updated: N&D Grain Free, Nulo, Carnilove, Techni-Cal, NutriSource Pure Vita, Leonardo, Josera, Flatazor, Genesis Pure Canada, Pro Plan, Sanabelle, Happy Cat Supreme, Felicia, Happy Cat Sensitive, Reflex Plus, Royal Canin, Chicopee, Affinity Advance, Forma 360, Hills Ideal Balance, Pronature Original, Reflex, Happy Cat Minkas, NutriBest, Friskies, Oliver, Oliver Gold, Bewi-Cat, Cat&Co, Dormeo's, Gusto 360, Top Cat, Bio Cat Plus 

  • AddedSolid Gold, Ownat Just, Wholesome Blend, Canagan, Little Big Paw, Precise, Boreal, ANF, Bon Appetit, Petkind, Vigor & Sage, Ambrosia, SoulMate, Bravery, Chicopee Holistic, Prochoice, DaDo, Zoe, Vincent, Pronature Life+, Nutrican, Addiction, Summit 10, Miogatto, Class Preference, Maxi Cat, Hunter, Active Cat, Champion, Crunchly Cat, Kef 4 Cat, PL Cat, Life Cat, Natex, Dousti Cat Mix, Hilary's, Fritz, Zicat, Mishka, Quick!, Spoiled Cat, 

  • RemovedWysong, Wellness Core, Pronature Holistic, Canidae Grain Free, Natural Trainer, Wahre Liebe, Cotecnica Optima, Red Oak